Pursuing a Dream - Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Pursuing a Dream

Linda Mosley is an energetic mother of five who has big dreams, and the determination to make those dreams a reality.

Linda Mosley in cap and gown.

Mosley earned two associate degrees at CCC’s 2022 commencement ceremony but will return to take a few more classes this summer and fall before transferring to UNC Charlotte to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work. All this hard work and studying is moving her toward her big dream of opening a dual community center, which would serve people in need during the day and provide shelter for the homeless at night.

Mosley began her educational journey at CCC by taking online classes, but eventually decided she wanted to make stronger connections and signed up for some in-person classes. She joined the Student Government Association, then became its president, becoming more fully immersed in the student body. “Being part of SGA has enhanced my college career tremendously,” she said. “My confidence shot through the roof, knowing that I am not only a successful student, but an active representative of the student body, regardless of age, gender, cultural background or other differences.”

As a mother of five, Mosley sometimes struggled with attending school, but she didn’t give up. “When they were younger, I would find myself starting and stopping school due to lack of support and childcare. This time they constantly told me how proud they were of me and even bragged to their friends.”

She also credits her instructors and her advisors for supporting her and helping her stay on track, especially during the pandemic. “In a sea full of students Mr. Pittman made me feel seen. . .for a teacher to call me out, hold me accountable and encourage me to keep going meant a lot.”