Spotlight on Culinary Programs at Cleveland Community College

Spotlight: Culinary Programs

Artists use many mediums to display their creativity. Chef Jeannette Sun is an artist with food. Using a plate for a canvas, she creates edible masterpieces.

“If you have the knowledge and imagination, you can combine ingredients to make the dish more palatable or beautiful to the eyes.”

Sun says working with food is “in her blood.” She got her start in her parent’s Chinese restaurant in Atlanta when she was only seven years old.

When she was offered the opportunity to share her skills and love of cooking with others, Sun accepted. After many years of training her staff in the restaurant business, becoming the culinary instructor at Cleveland Community College was a natural progression. She is excited to pass on the skills of her trade.

Sun is currently teaching the culinary basic and advanced academies and a special “Cooking for the Holidays” class. In the beginner Academy, students learn proper knife skills and food preparation, and become ServSafe certified. The advanced Academy focuses on more in-depth concepts such as butchery and creating stocks and sauces.

In the “Cooking for the Holidays” class, students learn about entertaining and how to cook traditional holiday dishes and hors d’oeuvres like stuffed mushrooms, fruit trays and charcuterie boards.

Sun says, “Cooking is not all about the complicated, 20- ingredient recipes. It’s about learning the basics and then making it your own.”

Students can enroll in the beginner Academy without any prior cooking experience.

Jeanette Sun poses in the kitchen at LeGrand where she teaches culinary programs for CCC.

Sign up for a cooking class at CCC! Learn more about Cooking for the Holidays or the Culinary Academy offerings. Contact Continuing Education at 704-669-4015 or with questions or to register!