Jason Kubu - Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

Jason Kubu

Jason Kubu graduated from high school in 2005. From there he journeyed to Appalachian State University, but soon realized Boone’s winters were not for him. Jason KubuHe returned home and got a job working in the retail industry, but by 2008 found himself out of a job when the effects of the recession caused the business to close. He decided it was time for a change. “I was tired of working in retail and knew that I needed an education to open doors into other fields.”

Eventually, Jason made his way to CCC and in 2014 he graduated with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. He says, “The knowledge of Solid Works I gained from taking computer-aided design classes at CCC was largely responsible for me landing a job as a draftsman.” He goes on to say that once he started working his company supported him by paying his tuition and allowing him to leave work when necessary to attend classes. “As my education advanced so did my position and role within the company.”

He continued his studies online through East Carolina University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Technology with a Concentration in Manufacturing Systems and a minor in Industrial Technology Management. “The program at ECU was designed to accommodate transfer students with an AAS degree,” he says. “Knowledge of online systems like Blackboard and communicating with instructors via email, were critical to my success as a distance education student working in Cleveland County while attending a school on the other side of the state.”

Today, Jason works as a manufacturing engineer at a company in Kings Mountain. As part of his duties he is in charge of plant layout, designing equipment to make the jobs of workers in the plant easier and more efficient, and providing cost analysis.

Looking back he says, “If I could go back to when I graduated high school in 2005 and go straight to CCC and go down the path of a two-year transfer student I would in a heartbeat. The level of education provided by the classes at CCC is on the same level as that from four-year institutions, but at a fraction of the costs.

“CCC was enjoyable because the class size was small and allowed you to get quality one-on-one time with the instructors.  The core classes for the degree also kept you with a group of students pursuing the same degree, which helped to build good relationships and provide a good support system.  Bruce Mack was also a great advisor and instructor and his support working with students and the community to fill jobs was commendable.”

Once his daughter is older, Jason plans to go back to school again and earn a master’s degree.