Find a great career in welding * Cleveland Community College can help

Student Spotlight: Jack Blanton

Welding student Jack Blanton stands outside the welding shop at CCC.

Jack Blanton is a student in our welding program taking his final courses this summer to earn his diploma. He started out as a CCP student at Crest High School and continued his education at CCC after high school graduation. He admitted that he was first drawn to this career because of the pay, but once he started the program he realized he enjoyed the work even more.

“I’ve had a great experience at CCC with the program and instructors. I’m excited about the job opportunity and working in this industry.”

Jack recently started working part-time for FabTec in Kings Mountain and will transition into a full-time position once he graduates. This is a company that the college has recently started working with to find welders. They have been very complimentary of Jack’s skills and work ethic. It’s been a great partnership so far and CCC looks forward to working with more industries to hire students.

CCC offers a curriculum program in welding as well as continuing education courses. Learn more about our welding program or check out the short-term continuing education academies and courses.