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What is cccAlert?

The Punch Alert App is Cleveland Community College’s primary way to:

  • send inclement weather announcements
  • communicate during an emergency
  • provide other critical information

How Do I Sign Up?

Click the appropriate link below to be taken to the PunchAlert sign up form.

CCC Emergency Procedures

Inclement Weather

The College President will make the decision as to whether or not classes will be held during periods of inclement weather. Announcements will be sent via cccAlert and will be posted on the College’s website.

If day classes are canceled, night classes are automatically canceled. If the College delays opening, a normal schedule will be observed from the time of the opening (i.e., for a 10 a.m. opening, students would begin their day wherever they would usually be at 10 a.m.).

Classwork for courses missed because of a closing or delay will be made up on an individual basis.