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Abnormal Psychology

Fall, Spring, Summer
This course provides an examination of the various psychological disorders, as well as theoretical, clinical, and experimental perspectives of the study of psychopathology. Emphasis is placed on terminology, classification, etiology, assessment, and treatment of the major disorders. Upon completion, students should be able to distinguish between normal and abnormal behavior patterns as well as demonstrate knowledge of etiology, symptoms, and therapeutic techniques. Students are taught basic skills to assist in the assessment of disorders. This course has been approved for transfer under the CAA and ICAA as a general education course in Social/Behavioral Sciences.

Adv Fire Fighting Strat

This course covers command-level operations for multi-company/agency operations involving fire and non-fire emergencies. Topics include advanced use of the Incident Command System (ICS), advanced incident analysis, command-level fire operations, and control of both man-made and natural major disasters. Upon completion, students should be able to describe proper and accepted systems for the mitigation of emergencies at the level of overall scene command.

Adv Hard/Software Support

This course provides advanced knowledge in competencies in hardware and operating system technologies for computer technicians to support personal computers. Emphasis is placed on configuring and upgrading; diagnosis and troubleshooting; as well as preventive maintenance of hardware and system software. Upon completion, students should be able to install, configure, diagnose, perform preventive maintenance, and maintain basic networking on personal computers.

Advanced Comfort Systems

In Person
This course covers water-cooled systems, water-source/geothermal heat pumps, and high efficiency heat pump systems including variable speed drives and controls. Emphasis is placed on the application, installation, and servicing of water-source systems and the mechanical and electronic control components of advanced comfort systems. Upon completion, students should be able to test, analyze, and troubleshoot water-cooled comfort systems, water-source/geothermal heat pumps, and high efficiency heat pumps.