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Aural Skills III

  • Areas of Interest: Curriculum Course
  • Credits: 1
  • Lab Hours: 2
  • Course Code: MUS-225
  • Prerequisites: MUS 126
  • Co-requisites: None
In Person

This course provides advanced aural skills training in diatonicism and basic aural skills training in chromaticism. Emphasis is placed on the development of sight singing and ear training skills in complex rhythmic patterns, diatonic melodies and harmonies, and basic chromaticism. Upon completion, students should be able to utilize any solmization system while sight singing diatonic melodies with functional and non-functional chromaticism, fluently read music in multiple clefs in addition to treble and bass, identify modulations, perform complex rhythmic patterns in various meters, and dictate tonal melodies and harmonies including chromaticism. This course has been approved for transfer under the CAA and ICAA as a premajor and/or elective course requirement.