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Barber Academy IV

  • Areas of Interest:
  • Course Code: BAR-310004
  • Prerequisites: BAR 310003
  • Co-requisites: None
In Person
Fall, Spring, Summer

This academy provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the NC Board of Barber Licensing Exam, thereby equipping them for the professional work force. Each student will be empowered with confidence, professionalism, and enthusiasm to meet the demands of the ever-changing industry. Students will become socially competent members of their community and will have the knowledge and ethics consistent with responsible social and professional behavior.

Barbering consists of hair cutting, shaving, trimming the beard, coloring the hair, applying hair tonics, permanent waving, mar celling the hair, facial and scalp massages, and treatment with oils, creams, lotions, or other preparations by hand or mechanical appliances.

This course is a continuation of Barber Academy I, II, and III.

Required hours to graduate: 1528