Maps, Parking and ID Badges - Cleveland Community College, Shelby, NC

This page contains information to help you learn your way around campus and access needed resources. Below you will find information on parking and ID badges as well a link to a map showing the location of buildings on campus, plus links to maps of the interior of each building.


The control and enforcement of motor vehicle conduct is necessary both for the safety of the individual and the efficient operation of CCC.


All faculty, staff, and students are required to display a Cleveland Community College parking decal which may be obtained in Student Services. Campus visitors are exempt from the requirement to register their vehicle, but must follow all other regulations.


The Faculty and Staff Restricted Access Lot is located along Post Road, adjacent to the Jack Hunt Campus Center and the Student Activities Center. This parking area is restricted for current CCC faculty/staff.

The Cosmetology parking lot is reserved for patrons of the Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Manicuring programs. Although this lot is open for the use of students and the public, it is a restricted exit lot. Any vehicle can open the gate to enter by simply driving toward it, but a numeric code is required to exit. Cosmetology faculty members will provide the code for patrons. Cosmetology students are not patrons, and cannot park in the Cosmetology parking lot free of charge. However, anyone may use the parking lot for a $10 daily parking fee. The daily parking fee must be paid to the Cosmetology department or the Business Office to obtain the current exit code.

Parking & Traffic Regulations

ID Badges

The C Card is the official identification card of Cleveland Community College. Students need the C Card for identification on campus, to borrow material from the Rose Library, for cashless printing and copying, and for access to campus events. C Cards are processed in the Library; new students must bring a photo ID to verify their identity when having their first C Card processed. The card is good for subsequent terms. Additional information is available on the Library Website C Card page.

Campus Maps

To view a pdf of a map click the building name below:

Campus Map

Advanced Technology Center (first floor)

Advanced Technology Center (second floor)

Auto Body

Bailey Allied Health Center (first floor)

Bailey Allied Health Center (second floor)

Bailey Allied Health Center (third floor)

B-Building (first floor)

B-Building (second floor)

Brown Emergency Training Center

Brown Emergency Training Center Location of Mobile Classrooms

Field House

Jack Hunt Campus Center (first floor)

Jack Hunt Campus Center (second floor)

LeGrand Conference Center (first floor)

Paksoy Technology Center (first floor)

Paksoy Technology Center (second floor)

Student Activities Center (basement)

Student Activities Center (first floor)

Student Activities Center (second floor)

Wright Complex (first floor)

Wright Complex (second floor)