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Heavy Equipment Operator

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The Heavy Equipment Operator Academy prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and certificates that the State DOT, highway construction companies, bridge construction companies, and private contractors across the country require for entry level jobs. HEO Operators run heavy machinery, install underground piping, develop land for construction, and repair America’s roadways and bridges. HEO Operator careers are for highly skilled employees who enjoy being outdoors and like working in a team environment where safety is the number one priority.

Upon successful completion of this 10-week Academy, students will earn a NCCER credential that will prepare them for a career in the heavy machinery field. After passing the DMV exam, given on site, a student can earn a Class “A” CDL license for their state.

Basic class runs concurrent with our basic electrical lineworker class. This is the CDL portion. Advanced class is the portion of learning how to run the heavy machinery. Student must take basic and advanced together or have the option to just take the advanced. Upon successful completion of the advanced class, students will receive NCCER certification. Basic and Advanced students - Costs outside of the registration fees will include a CDL permit, DOT physical, and safety boots. Advanced only students – Costs outside of the registration fees will include safety boots. Limited seating and academies are first come, first serve.



Program Requirements