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Truck Driver Training Academy

The Truck Driving Training Academy prepares students to drive tractor trailers, dump trucks, bucket trucks, etc. This course teaches students the proper driving skills and safety procedures. Students will learn about commercial motor vehicle laws and regulations, and the basic principles and practices for operating commercial vehicles. In this academy students will go over online ELDT  Theory training exercises (3 weeks) and Basic Control Skills in-person (2 1/2 weeks) road/highway driving training exercises. Upon successful completion, students should be qualified to take the Commercial Driver’s License exam administered on campus as part of this academy. Students will then be eligible for employment by commercial trucking firms to further their experience level. Students must have a CDL permit and DOT physical prior to registering for the course.Approximately 200 hours total for academy.

This Academy is offered four times a year. There are two classes in the fall--one begins in August and the second begins in November. The spring class begins in February. The summer class begins in May.

Program Requirements