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Law Enforcement Training

CCC’s law enforcement programs train new officers and provide continued training for current law enforcement officers.

Detention Officer Training

The Detention Officer Certification Course (DOCC) curriculum has been researched and contains the most current information available for detention officers. The Commission mandated 180+ hour course takes approximately five weeks to complete and concludes with a comprehensive written exam. Upon successful completion of the course, the new detention officer will be eligible to be certified as a detention officer in North Carolina.

Please contact Aaron Vassey 704-669-4005 or Phyllis Sims at 704-669-4166 on how to apply to DOCC.

In-Service Training

Continue to improve your skills through our in-service training.

Please reach out to Phyllis Sims at 704-669-4166 for detention officer in-service training.

Please reach out to Craig Earwood at 704-669-4052 for law enforcement and probation in-service training.

Contact Us

Aaron Vassey

Law Enforcement Training Coordinator
  • (704) 669-4005
  • Paksoy Technology Center #3124

Fran Musolino

Law Enforcement Training Specialist
  • (704) 669-4323
  • Paksoy Technology Center #3128

Phyllis Sims

Detention Officer In-Service Training
  • 704-669-4166
  • Paksoy Technology Center #3140

Craig Earwood

Law Enforcement & Probation In-service Training
  • 704-669-4052
  • Paksoy Technology Center #3140