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Better Than Expected

Nate Dixon was participating in his Robot Programming class’s year-end competition when he got a phone call. He was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had been hired by FANUC, a company that provides robotics, CNC machines and other automation solutions to companies worldwide.

“This is the type of job that was my end goal,” said Dixon, “but I didn’t expect to get a job like this right off the bat.”

Nate Dixon talks with the judges during the Robot Programming class's year-end competition.

Three days after getting the phone call, Dixon graduated with his Associate in Applied Science in Automation Engineering.

“Nate was an outstanding student,” said Donna Moore, instructor. “He didn’t struggle with any of his classes and was always willing to help other students. Despite having a job, he worked hard to keep up with his classwork and homework. I am very proud of him for getting the job with FANUC. He will do a great job for them.”

After completing FANUC’s orientation and onboarding process, Dixon will travel throughout North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia, providing service to FANUC’s customers.

What’s really cool is that FANUC robots are used in the automation labs at CCC, so Dixon could someday return to work on the same robots he was trained on.

Congratulations Nate!

What does an automation technician do?

Automation technicians install, repair and maintain computer-controlled systems.

How much money does an automation technician make?

According to the website, the average salary for an automation technician in North Carolina is $69,982. The site also states that ranges can vary depending on the city and other factors including education, certifications and other skills.

What’s the job market like for an automation technician?

According to, there are 70+ automation technician jobs available in the Shelby, NC area.