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Board Recognizes Work of Three Employees

Three continuing education employees were recognized at the January Board of Trustees meeting for the impact they are having on students and the community. After hearing about the work each of these employees has been doing, the Workforce Development Committee of the Board asked that they be recognized during the full Board meeting.

Pictured left to right: Dr. Jason Hurst, Steve Padgett, Alan Qualls, Mark Woodall, Bill Turpish, Craig DeBrew and Tony Fogleman.

Steve Padgett is the director of the Small Business Center at Cleveland Community College. The Small Business Center is a part of the NC Community College Small Business Center Network and a National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) member.

Padgett works tirelessly to increase the success rate and the number of viable small businesses in the community by providing high-quality, readily accessible assistance to entrepreneurs and prospective and existing small business owners. His efforts lead to job creation and job retention in our local community. He was also instrumental in securing Cleveland County’s designation as a Certified Entrepreneurial Community, and the Small Business Center serves as the sponsoring organization.

Most recently, Padgett was recognized for his work within the NC Community College Small Business Center Network Southwest Region as the leader in counseling, with the most clients, sessions and hours.

Alan Qualls is the coordinator of the Electrical LineworkerTruck Driver and Heavy Equipment Operator programs. In 2017, he transitioned from his role as the Electrical Systems program coordinator to the Electrical Lineworker Academy coordinator to establish the new program.

Qualls has been instrumental in building the Academy’s solid reputation for providing quality instruction and training. More than 400 students have graduated from the Academy, some of whom came from as far away as Alaska, California and Puerto Rico.

In addition, Qualls has expanded the College’s offerings to include truck driver training and heavy equipment operator training.

Mark Woodall has been the Pharmacy Technician Academy instructor since 2017. He has expanded the program from one class to four, created day and evening options and helped establish a Pharmacy Technician Academy for high school students.

Woodall is one of the few in the nation to obtain an Advanced Certified Pharmacy Technician credential as well as 12 additional advanced specialty certifications.

Under his leadership, CCC’s pharmacy technician graduates have increased the passing rate for the national pharmacy technician certification exam from 20% to 86%. (The national average is 51%.)

In addition, CCC’s pharmacy technician program has been recognized as an excellent program by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Originally posted January 31, 2023.