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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

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Promoting justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources by institutions or systems. Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the root causes of outcome disparities within our society.


The presence of differences that may include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age, religious commitment, or political perspective. This includes populations that have been-and remain-underrepresented among practitioners in the field and marginalized in the broader society.


An outcome to ensure those that are diverse actually feel and/or are welcomed. Inclusion outcomes are met when you, your institution, and your program are truly inviting to all. It reflects the degree to which diverse individuals are able to participate fully in the decision-making processes and development opportunities within an organization or group.

We are Better Together

Our College commits to dismantling structural barriers to equity by investing in equity-focused policies, practices, and behaviors that work to support all students and employees.

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Who we are…

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee was created to identify and recommend a college-wide plan, in support of the College mission and strategic plan, that promotes a welcoming and collaborative spirit, a culture of civility, respect, and understanding.

Meet the Committee

Nedra Maddox

Leslie Farris

Becky Donaldson

Dr. Christina Hill

Dr. Justin Jackson

Maria Mendoza-Pineda

Omar Porter

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