North Carolina Public Universities - Cleveland CC Shelby, NC

Transfer Information for NC Public Universities

From this page you can connect with information on the North Carolina Community College System’s Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. This agreement is intended to provide a smooth transfer for community college students who want to continue their education at one of the North Carolina Public Universities after completing the Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS) degree at the community college. The agreement also includes a list of courses that will transfer to any UNC System school.

The NC Community College Transfer page lists links to the 16 public universities and the 4-year transfer pathways for each of the schools. Each university posts 4-year degree plans (also known as 4-year transfer pathways) on their websites that list the courses community college students should take at the community college to complete their AA or AS degree, based on the intended major at the university.

Students should contact the university they intend to transfer to with questions for clarification, or additional information as needed. Transfer contacts by University lists one or more people to contact at each university.

Occasionally, a major will not have a posted pathway on the university website even though it is a major offered at the university. Usually this is because there may not be enough equivalent courses offered at the community college level for that particular major. In these instances students should contact the university for additional guidance and plan to transfer early, usually after completing 31-34 credit hours. Other times there may be a 4-year pathway posted with a notation recommending the student transfer early. Again, this is usually due to a lack of equivalencies at the community college level for that particular major. Students not completing the AA or AS prior to transferring should consider participating in the Reverse Transfer program, which allows a student to complete the AA and/or AS while attending the university.