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Community College Day Held in State’s Capital

Dr. Hurst and CCC Trustees pose with Speaker Tim Moore in the General Assembly's chamber during community college day.
Pictured left to right: Kenneth Ledford, Bill Turpish, Speaker Tim Moore, Wayne King, Allen Langley and Jason Hurst.

More than 300 community college leaders from across the state gathered last week in Raleigh to advocate for the NC Community College System’s legislative priorities. From Cleveland Community College, President Dr. Jason Hurst, Trustees Chair Bill Turpish, Vice Chair Allen Langley, and Trustees Wayne King, Kenneth Ledford, Larry Hamrick and Dennis Bailey participated in the day’s events, which highlighted the importance of community colleges in our state.

Among the Community College Day event speakers were NC Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger, NC House Speaker Tim Moore and chairs of powerful education and appropriations committees. All legislators emphasized the critical mission of the community colleges to train and retrain the state’s workforce.

“Businesses know what they need from their workers, and community colleges know how to build a workforce,” Berger said.

Legislators also commended the community college leaders’ work at all 58 campuses. “Community colleges are 58 strong in North Carolina and are truly the lifeblood of workforce development and education improvement in our state,” Moore said.

The NC Community Colleges System is advocating for a legislative agenda focused on students and employees as community colleges work to support the businesses in their communities. The legislature is currently holding its long session when budget matters are decided for a two-year biennium.  

“Our legislators are incredibly busy,” said Dr. Hurst. “We appreciate having this opportunity to spend time with them and talk about the positive impact community colleges have on our individual communities and the entire state.” said Dr. Hurst.