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Nursing Scholarship Awarded

Congratulations to Jennifer Crawford, an Associate Degree Nursing student. The program’s faculty have selected her to receive the Great 100 Nursing Scholarship.

“I am honored to receive this scholarship because I am passionate about nursing and this award has inspired me to continue striving for excellence as a future nurse,” Jennifer said. “I am extremely humbled and thankful to have been acknowledged for my efforts. . .This scholarship will help me become closer to realizing my dream of becoming a registered nurse.”

The Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina recognizes excellence in nursing and is proud to include a scholarship program to support nursing education.

As a component of our mission, The Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina supports nursing students across North Carolina with scholarship monies. With funds approved by the Great 100 Board of Directors, the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina Alumni Committee, and our generous contributors, scholarships are awarded to North Carolina Nursing students each year.

Each year, nursing schools across North Carolina are randomly selected as scholarship recipients. The schools, in turn, select a student based on criteria established by the Great 100 Board of Directors. The faculty and staff at each nursing school select the student most deserving of the scholarship.

Since 1989, 427 scholarships have been awarded by the Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina and the Alumni Committee. With the support of our contributors, $736,000 has been awarded to students throughout North Carolina to assist in their quest to enter the nursing field or further their nursing education.

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