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Meet Vincent Mates, Instructor

Vincent Mates has been a part-time instructor at CCC for six years. He typically teaches courses in electronics, electrical and automation technology.

Mates is originally from Chicago, Illinois, but moved with his family to Georgia when he was eight. He now lives in Kings Mountain.

He graduated from York Technical College in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with an associate degree in Electronics Engineering and has several additional certifications. He’s worked in the technology sector for more than 25 years, mostly in electronics and industrial and commercial training. When an opportunity to teach at CCC presented itself, he said it seemed like a good fit. “I somehow always became the go-to guy when the company needed an instructor for training sessions.”

“My favorite thing about teaching,” he continued, “is knowing that I have played some role in helping other people better their lives. I love to convey information that students have not been exposed to, and I enjoy the feeling I get when I see their lightbulbs come on. I admit that I teach for these very selfish reasons. I think I get as much out of the experience as the students.”

From personal experience, Mates also understands how the skills his students are learning may impact other people. He was a field engineer for a communications company when 9-11 happened. A few days later, he volunteered to help keep all communication lines open at ground zero. “I spent days walking on what was dubbed ‘the Pile’ with emergency workers as they looked for survivors, and sadly, those who did not survive,” said Mates. He received an award for his service during that time, and although he was honored, he said it was bittersweet.