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The CCC Foundation recognizes donors’ generosity in many ways—including through their membership in giving societies. Below are the different societies to which donors (individuals, businesses and other groups) can belong.

Evergreen Society

This society recognizes consistent giving, regardless of the amount given in a particular year. Evergreen Society members give to the Foundation for three (3) or more consecutive years.

Sycamore Society

Sycamore trees, the largest variety of leafy trees in the Eastern United States, are native to Cleveland County. They provide wonderful shade and grow especially well along stream banks.

The Sycamore Society recognizes donors whose annual giving to the Foundation ranges from $100 to $999.

Dogwood Society

The dogwood tree is a true North Carolina native. In fact, the Flowering Dogwood is the official state flower. Dogwoods make beautiful additions to gardens and larger landscapes.

The Dogwood Society recognizes donors whose annual giving to the Foundation ranges from $1,000 to $9,999.

Magnolia Society

Magnolias are an ancient type of tree dating to some 20 million years ago. They can be deciduous or evergreen, and the varieties in North Carolina make excellent shade trees with large, fragrant blossoms.

The Magnolia Society recognizes donors whose annual giving ranges from $10,000 to $49,999.

Hickory Society

Hickory trees are renowned for their resilience and the welcoming shade they provide. Once the chosen wood for baseball bats, hickory wood is prized for smoking cured meats.

The Hickory Society recognizes donors who give $50,000 or more annually to the Foundation.

Oak Society

One of the most beloved trees in the world, oak trees symbolize strength, longevity and wisdom. Found across North Carolina, the oak tree is admired for its size and the durability of its wood.

The Oak Society recognizes donors whose cumulative lifetime giving is $100,000 or more. Through their leadership generosity, Oak Society members play a unique, transformational role in the life of the College.

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Generosity From The Heart

A gift to the CCC Foundation can help our students, faculty, and staff in numerous ways as well as the community itself.  Through a generous donation, we can award scholarships, grants, and more to help shape the future of Cleveland County and beyond.

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The Cleveland Community College Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit
corporation. All contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible as provided by law.

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