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Cosmetology Certificate (C55140)

  • Degree Offered: Certificate
  • Program Code: C55140
  • Program Requirements:


The Cosmetology curriculum is designed to provide competency-based knowledge, scientific/artists’ principles, and hands-on fundamentals associated with the cosmetology industry. The curriculum provides a simulated salon environment which enables students to develop manipulative skills.

Coursework includes instruction in all phases of professional imaging, hair design, chemical processes, skin care, nail care, multi-cultural practices, business/computer principles, product knowledge, and other selected topics.

Graduates should qualify to sit for the North Carolina Cosmetic Art Licensing Exam. Upon successfully passing the State Board exam, graduates will be issued a cosmetology apprentice license to work until the required salon hours are met for the full Cosmetology license. Employment is available in beauty salons and related businesses.

All applicants for a certificate in cosmetology must have completed all courses, at least 1200 hours (as specified), and live performances and mannequin services. Students must have an overall average GPA of 2.0 or higher to receive the certificate.

Some courses are split over more than one term. Both the AB and the BB section of the course must be completed to earn full course credit. For example: COS 111AB is offered in the fall and COS 111BB is offered in the spring. Both courses must be taken to earn credit for COS 111.

All courses successfully completed in the certificate program will be applicable to the diploma program.

Students enrolled in this program have five years from their start date to complete the program before their hours will expire with the NC Board of Cosmetic Arts.

Admission Requirements

Application to the College and NC Residency

Official high school transcript or equivalent

Post-Provisional Acceptance Requirements

Required first day of class:

Copy of government issued ID

Copy of Social Security Card

All students must come to class each day wearing their uniform and student ID.

Uniform (Solid black scrub top, scrub pants, socks, shoes, and lab jacket)

Student ID (Replacement ID Cost $5.00)

Attendance Policy

Students must abide by all College attendance policies as stated in the Cleveland Community College Cosmetology/Esthetics/Manicuring Student Handbook.

The program is based on required hours, completion of course assignments, and tests. If aforementioned requirements are not met, the student will receive an F for the course, and be required to repeat the course.

Each student is allowed the following unexcused absences per semester:

  • Cosmetology (Beginner) course numbers: COS 111 and COS 112 - 4 absences per semester.
  • Cosmetology (Advanced) course numbers: COS 113 through COS 118 - 4 absences per semester.
  • Cosmetology course number: COS 240 - 2 absences per semester.

Excused absences and unexcused absences exceeding the allotted number must meet the requirements outlined within the handbook and be supported by valid documentation, if requested. Any absence beyond four (4) MUST be an emergency and requires documentation and approval by the Program Coordinator and Department Chair.

Essential Functions and Technical Standards

Purpose Statement

The following standards reflect reasonable expectations of students. These functions/technical standards are essential for successful completion of all phases of the program, and reflect industry requirements and standards. Students must meet the following technical standards and maintain satisfactory demonstration of these standards for progression throughout the program. Students unable to meet these technical standards will not be able to complete the program. The examples used are not all-inclusive.

Capability Standard Examples of Technical Standard Found in the Program and Related to Industry
Cognitive Ability Ability to measure, calculate, reason, analyze, integrate, and synthesize information.
Apply information, evaluate the meaning of data and engage in critical thinking in the classroom and salon.
Apply class concepts to unique client situations.
Make correct judgments on seeking consultation or supervision in a timely manner.
Respond appropriately to constructive feedback.
Critical Thinking Skills Apply and display critical thinking ability sufficient for clinical judgment.
Identify cause and effect relationship in clinical situations.
Assimilate knowledge from lecture and clinical areas.
Display retention and proper use of information applicable to salon/clinic and lecture.
Develop professional suggestions for salon services and treatment plans.
Demonstrate and explain proper infection control and sanitation procedures when applicable.
Understand salon and cosmetology guidelines, procedures, and practices.
Use judgment and problem-solving.
Apply ethical standards.
Understand health and safety guidelines
 Mobility/Motor Skills

Physical abilities sufficient to move around the simulated salon setting and treatment areas.


Move around clinical space and equipment.
Stretch, bend, stand, and elevate arms for a long period of time.
Have stamina to stand and ambulate around the simulated salon environment for long periods.
Use equipment and tools appropriately and as intended or deemed necessary for salon/clinic and lab.
Assist clients with transfer and movement into shampoo chairs, salon treatment beds and other designated service areas.
Drape for salon services appropriately. Promote sanitation and safety.
Use laboratory equipment as intended as well as perform required steps for all services.
Tolerate working with various chemicals.
Ability to stand/sit for prolonged periods, navigating workstations and salon settings.
Use sharp instruments such as razors, scissors and other salon equipment.
Have ability to multi-task.
Possess time management skills.
Possess physical health sufficient to perform and receive salon services.
Have gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective salon services.
Tactile Skills Skills necessary to complete procedures in a timely manner.
Perform procedures taught and required by the NC State Board in a timely manner.
Assess clients’ hair and skin to determine appropriate service and products to use.
Provide an initial consultation to educate client prior to treatment.
Auditory Skills Auditory abilities sufficient for following instructions/directions and assessment of services for clients in a simulated salon.
Listen and communicate with client during pre-service consultation.
Communicate and respond with client during salon service.
Listen for comprehension of treatment goals/plans from the client.
Educate clients post-service on treatment after care and maintenance.
Ability to listen to others and determine their wants and needs.
Visual Skills Visual abilities sufficient for following demonstrated instructions/directions and assessment of services for clients in a simulated salon.  Observe client in the consultation phase.
Observe and respond to client during salon service.
Educate client post-service phase.
Interpersonal Skills  Abilities sufficient to interact and work with individuals from a variety of social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds.
Establish rapport with clients, colleagues, members of the business community, and other salon professionals.
Demonstrate patience and empathy with clients.
Demonstrate delivery of required salon services with a variety of individuals.
Maintain hygiene and dress requirements for a salon setting.
Ability to listen to others and determine their wants and needs.
Ability to adapt to changing environments and work-related challenges.
Behavioral Skills/Professional Conduct Display of good character, friendliness in multiple situations and circumstances.
Work in the salon setting with clients and others to build clientele and positive working relationships.
Work collectively as a team player to build a cohesive salon/clinic and lab environment.
Strategically share ideas and make recommendations to build clientele.
Professionally market sole proprietary to attract clients for services.
Display sufficient leadership to promote unity.
Develop and manage professional relationships with peers, instructors, and clients.
Apply soft skills such as cooperation, discussion, and negotiation.
Communication Skills Communication abilities sufficient for interaction with others in verbal and written form.
Collect assessment data.
Explain salon services and procedures. Read instructions accurately.
Document and interpret salon service treatment plans developed, prescribed, and performed.
Verbalize to client the details of the various services as well as proper home maintenance.
Communicate and work with classmates and instructors effectively on needs, strategies, and procedures.
Comprehend and understand spoken and written language including the unique verbiage used in the industry for scope of practice.

Estimated Total Cost for Program

Fee Description Cost
Tuition (16 credit hours) $2839.00
Lab Fees $756.00
Uniforms and Shoes $200.00 
Malpractice Insurance $16.00

Testing Fee (NC Board of Cosmetic Art)


Materials Fee (Cosmetology Kit)

Textbook - Milady Bundle: Standard Cosmetology 14th, Standard Foundations, and CIMA access card $391.00
Estimated Total $5425.00

Program Requirements