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Cyber Center of Excellence


Securing the Future

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common in today’s world, and the demand for individuals who can protect networks and data from these intrusions is growing at an unprecedented rate. As the frequency of these cyberattacks continues to rise, so does the need for professionals who can effectively secure networks.

Cleveland Community College offers IT-Networking and Cyber Security degrees that equip students with the necessary skills to implement comprehensive and effective information security controls to safeguard data. The Cybersecurity curriculum at Cleveland Community College provides a thorough and practical foundation of skills that address information security, digital forensics, and network defense.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon successful completion of the program, students will have the following skill set:

    1. Design, implement, and administer security controls to manage and protect information systems and networks.
    2. Configure a variety of network infrastructure environments.
    3. Implement solutions based on company policy and industry best practices.
    4. Implement reliable secure transmission and delivery of data, voice, image, and video communications in business, industry and education.
    5. Create efficient and secure algorithms, processes, or solutions to solve computer-based problems.